Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 2012 Wrap-Up

I haven't done a monthly wrap-up in ages. I've had a very good reason--I haven't had enough progress to be wrapped up in anything other than a very depressing package. But I think I have finally gained some traction on a new project, Novel #6. Of course it will be only my fourth completed novel but there is hope, someday, that some of the others might get finished.

There were a few wrenches thrown into the works, with being carted halfway around the world and changing 12 time zones at once, etc. Trying to get back into the swing of things now that I am back home, and I've found that my time for writing seems to somehow have disappeared. Work, work out, make dinner, take care of the random things that pop up in life, and then it's pretty much time to rinse and repeat. But I am positive I can make more time as things get settled!

So, for all this talk of progress, it might seem a little low. Words written in October: 5864. But keep in mind that is about 22% of the total words I have written this year. And my second most productive month. (September was a whopping 7474!)

With another few thousand words under my belt, I am feeling good about getting more down. My goal for November is to double my October production. That's right--10k! It may not sound like much, but it feels like my own mini NaNoWriMo.

And, best of all, I think these are good words that I've written. I am really excited about this project. I've let my alpha read the first chapter, and it's just a first draft, but he said that it feels polished and like a "real book." Of course, he is my boyfriend, so perhaps not an unbiased opinion, but he usually is honest with me so I'll trust him on this one too. Just hope the rest of the chapters live up to it!

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