Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blast From the Past

I just found an old school assignment in one of my "memory" boxes filled with odds and ends. We had to write our own obituaries--I believe it was in 6th or 7th grade. It's so funny to remember what a little silly I was, and to see how some things never change! I didn't fix any of the errors, and I just wish I could make the font show the sparkly, blue gel pen it was written with!

Nora Bailey: Author of our age

Nora Anne Bailey was born on September 7, 1987 in Madison, WI. At 7 years of age she moved to Decorah, IA where she attended elementary, middle, and high school. In 2006 [apparently I didn't do my math very well, because I was a class of 2005 grad!] she moved to Massachussetts to attended Harvard University.

After four years at Harvard, Nora began to pursue her lifelong goal: to become an author. Her first book is called Down to the Meadow and is a delightful book. After its publication, she churned out many more favorites such as: Devestation on Pine Street, Dettenburg is Dead, Living at Pine Grove [I had a thing for pine, I guess?], and Last Call for Honor. By 2014, Nora had become a well known and well loved author. She lived in the suburbs of Chicago, IL with her two cats, Literature and Creativity [puke, I'm sorry, fictional cats!]. She wrote about one or two novels a year until 2022 when she wrote her most well known book The First Word.

At the age of thirty-seven [I was a little 15 years.] she married [name redacted] and had one child, Chloe [This was before I realized it was an option to not have kids!]. Nora continued to write until the age of 76. She died at the age of 76 on July 27, 2064 in a carplane accident.

She remains one of the world’s most famous author and her books continue to captivate readers of all ages. May she rest in peace.

Ah, naive younger Nora! But still, reminds me that I really don't have any other major dreams in life except being an author, so I probably should get off my ass and get writing!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March 2011 Wrap-Up

About the only good thing that can be said for March was that it was better than February.

Words written: 4,765.

Then again, I knew this month would be rough with moving and everything. April, on the other hand, should be a treasure trove! Of course, I'm sitting at zero right now--but that is about to change as soon as I finish this blog post!

I will be finishing up my move this week, and then I am going to have bundles of free time. And hopefully the determination to actually use that free time productively! My goal is 15,000 words. That's only 500 a day, so this isn't a big step up in terms of goals for the year, but it will be such a huge improvement over the past few months that I'll be thrilled!