Tuesday, January 4, 2011

500 Words A Day Challenge

So today I was looking around for some good writing blogs to follow (reading about writing always gears me up to write), and I stumbled across Inkygirl. The most recent blog entry is about a daily wordcount challenge. And since I had already set myself a 500-per-day goal, there was no reason NOT to make it "official."

Of course, there are no prizes except personal accomplishment, but it is nice to have something to motivate me besides my little writing spreadsheet.

Anyway, more info can be found at http://bit.ly/dailywords. Make 2011 the year!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Year in Review: 2010

Today I'm not just looking at a month wrap-up, but a whole year! And what a year it's been. From deciding to start writing again, to finishing the rough draft of Novel 1, to finishing the second draft of Novel 1, to getting ideas for Novels 4 and 5 (actually "Novel" 5 should be more properly called Series 1...), to even starting a hesitant step on the path to querydom (a truly terrifying place). I wrote more than I really considered possible. I don't have a total count, but it was probably about 100k between various drafts and projects. That may not sound like a lot, but it was.

It's good to end the year on a high note. It gives me hope for the new year stretching gloriously in front of me. I have a rather long absence coming up (6-7 weeks), and while I am still dreading it, I am also excited to use it as an intense productivity time. I'm full of ideas and words and characters that are just dying to get onto a page--the best part of writing!

So my goals for 2011 are to finish the third draft of Novel 1, which will get me to a queryable draft (still waiting on my beta to finish draft 2), finish at least one draft of Novel 4, and either draft 2 of Novel 4 or draft 1 of Novel 5. So yes, I have set for myself a goal of finishing THREE drafts. Sounds daunting when I phrase it like that, but I know that with little steps and chapters here and there, it won't be that bad. It's so doable!

As far as word count, I've set the bar at 180,000. I haven't really done the math if that will encompass all the drafts I want to do, but it seems a reasonable goal of about 500 words a day.

And so far I am ahead of schedule! So here's hoping that I can keep going full steam ahead through whatever trials, tribulations, and joys the new year will bring!