Monday, August 8, 2011

Knuckling Down

I have been avoiding posting for the mere fact that I am embarrassed. Embarrassed at how little I have been able to accomplish. Ashamed of my lack of creativity and drive. Seriously considering never writing again.

Yes, I wrote that right. Over the past few months I have contemplated giving up something I have been working towards for literally as long as I can remember.

Thankfully, the muse has prevailed! Or rather, she might.

I am through my writer's block enough to the point that I think I can force myself to write. That sounds unpleasant, but it is infinitely better than the crippling writer's block where I can't even think about doing that!

So starting today (soon!), my "writing hour" is at 6 PM. I will turn off my internet, shut the door to my office, and pull up a word document. I haven't finished plotting out the piece I want to start, but that's okay. Start with a scene. Any scene. Anything at all. For an hour. 5 times a week at least.

Ready, set, go!