Saturday, November 10, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012: You Can Do It!

I wanted to make a post about NaNoWriMo. (On a side note, how is it time for NaNo again? I swear this just happened--where does the time go?!) I am not attempting this year. I know I wouldn't be able to make it, and setting an unreachable goal is worse than useless. It actually just makes things worse. So I've set my own goal for the month (10k, not quite on track but still determined), but I want to let the real NaNoers (NaNites?) know that they aren't alone.

Because I had some time on my hands (okay, yes, I was procrastinating my own writing), I made a little pep talk video:

Here are the twitter accounts I mention following: Jon WinokurDaily Writing TipsFuel Your Writing, and (And, of course, my own twitter!)

You can find a library near you, or of course just stick to Starbucks. Venti decaf skinny vanilla latte with extra foam, anyone?

Whatever form inspiration and perseverance take for you, I wish you all the best of luck with NaNoWriMo or any of your other writing goals this month!

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