Monday, November 1, 2010

October 2010 Wrap-Up

Another month, gone already? Say it isn't so! October was...disappointing, to say the least. Although this time I DO have an excuse for it. Work has been crazy. Absolutely crazy. (I'm going on 12 hours of being here today!) So I'm going to not judge myself too harshly for these numbers.

October total: 5,866.

It's low. Very low. I know that. I have very little hope for November. In fact, I'm refining my previously optimistic goals down to a more reasonable number--9,000. I hope it's small enough that is doesn't seem too daunting, but large enough to get another scoop of the draft done.

Maybe it's one disappointing month after another, but I am NOT giving up. I am NOT going to lose hope. I believe in this book, and if not this one, then another, because I believe in myself.

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